Наши иностранные гости

Hi, this is an International language camp "Country Club". In "Country Club"  we have the most amazing staff: program developers,  teachers, general and activity counsellors . We have lot's of friends - students from dofferent countries: the USA, Indonesia, Guinea Bisau, Ghana, Zambia,etc.   Each camp is magic and gives us  lot's of hours of fun and happiness. Below you can see the photoes of our friends who have been with us since 2011 and some of them are still happy to be with Country Club campers.  We love them all, they are so cool, friendly and easy to deal  with.  They all speak more than four languages. In the camp we speak  English, French, Spanish and other languages.

Anas Mohamad Aref Al-Sakaji (Jordan)
My name is Anas Mohammed Aref AL-Sakaji. I'm from Jordan and I'm studying in Moscow in RUDN (people's friendship university of Russia) I'm 20 years old. I like football, basketball, watching movies and going out with my friends... In November 2011 I was in the Country Club. It was my first time in the city of Ulyanovsk and I really liked it..... I wish the best to you all, and study well, everyone. Good luck with that ))) With love, Sakaji Anas. Удачи всем и я желаю вам всего хорошего...... Люблю вас всех

Victoria Teresa Velasco Matveev (Ecuador)

Rosario Leonardo Carmelo Lo BueAntico (Venezuela)

Luiz Fernando Costa Cruz (Brazil)

Lais Oliveira (Brazil)

Kelly Alves do Vale (Brazil)

Abdelrahim Omar (Jordan)
    Best wishes! Good luck! Hope to be here again!

Barros (Guinea Bissau)

Daniel (Ghana)

Dennis (Ghana)

Chilu (Zambia)

Eben (Ghana)

Florentino (Guinea Bissau)

Melly (Indonesia)

Mevis (Kenya)

Saviour (Ghana)
Violet (Zambia)

Willy (Indonesia)

Abdel (Chad)

Derrick Ovusu (Ghana)

Frederick Djedjas (Ghana)

Katrin (Zambia)

Mboza (Zambia)

Michael (Congo)

Samuel (Guinea-Bissau)

Julio Saragi (Indonesia)
I’m Julio Saragi and I’m from Indonesia. Everything in the camp was fantastic! If I could turn the time back, I would turn it! Welcome to Indonesia! This is the best club! I really like this. Hope I can join again!

Mao Yuxin (China)
Thank you for the fantastic vacation you have given me, and I really like it. I really appreciate it. And see you the next time!

Paola Revelo Orellano (Ecuador)
I’m Paola from Ecuador. I’m so glad that I came. I had a lot of fun with the children. I’m thankful for this experience and I wish you the best. Hope to see you soon. EXITOS!